Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chicken Chow Mein

Before I met my husband, I never ate any type of Asian foods at all -- ever! Now I am quite obsessed with trying new Asian recipes. One of our favorite dishes is our chicken chow mein! (adapted from Chinese Food Made Easy) The ingredient list & recipe look long, but all it amounts to is simple prep work & quick cooking. An especially important ingredient in chow mein, is the right type of noodles, we usually head to our Asian grocer and pick up some of the wheat flour noodles. 

Chicken Chow Mein :
7 oz Noodles (If you have a package like this, 1/2 the package)
Sesame oil
11 oz Boneless-skinless chicken breast (trimmed & sliced into strips)
Less sodium/light soy sauce
 1/2 t Garlic sea salt
Juice of 1/2 lime
2 T Chile garlic sauce (found in the Asian section of the grocery store/at Asian grocer)
1 T Corn starch
Peanut Oil
1/2 Red bell pepper (sliced in 1 inch strips)
1-2 C Bean Sprouts (depending on how much you like bean sprouts -- we adore them)
4 Green onions (slice the green section into the same size strips as the bell pepper & dice the white part)
Fresh ground black pepper
4 Garlic cloves minced
1 C shredded carrots

Noodles :
- Boil noodles until al dente -- drain
- Rinse with cold water to stop the noodles from cooking
- Drizzle the noodles well sesame oil to prevent sticking

Chicken :
- Season chicken with 4 T soy sauce, garlic salt, chile sauce, & lime juice -- mix
- Once chicken is mixed, add cornstarch and coat
- Heat wok at medium-high - add 1 T peanut oil
- When oil is heated add chicken and cook until chicken is done

- After the last step (cooking the chicken in the wok) start adding the vegetables step-by-step
- Add bell pepper, garlic -- stir -- then drizzle with soy sauce to taste -- add black pepper to taste -- cook until bell pepper starts to soften
- Then add bean sprouts, the green onion strips (green section) & carrots - stir - then drizzle with soy sauce to taste - add black pepper to taste - cook for about 30 seconds
- Finally add noodles - then drizzle with soy sauce to taste - add black pepper to taste - stir - cook for about 1 minute
- Plate in serving bowl and top with diced green onions (white section)

Notes :
 *If you notice the ingredients in the wok drying out at any time, just add sesame oil/peanut oil -- whichever your favorite is
*With the last few steps just add a bit of soy sauce and black pepper at a time -- you can always add those to your bowl -- but it is very important to add them with each additional layer of ingredients to the wok for good flavor


Simple Chow Mein!

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