Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year - New Food - New Blog

Happy New Year!! We kicked off the new year with some good friends & good food cooked in a new way (for us)! So we decided a new blog dedicated to food would be best. After hours in the kitchen, a screwdriver, and a worm, we were all able to enjoy a delicious seafood medley.

Cleaning the oysters - so fresh that they had living barnacles, worms, & crabs

Shucking the oysters - yes - with a screwdriver - for raw oyster eating
(And yes, they were too impatient & ate as they cracked them open...)

Meanwhile we worked on preparation for the oysters rockerfeller
We used this recipe:
(except we all thought maybe a little less spinach in the rockefeller mixture / perhaps only 1 cup)
Unfortunately time slipped away from me & I realized I failed to get a picture of the oysters rockefeller, although there is a small picture in someone's bowl further down

Lobster time!

We threw the lobsters in a boiling pot with  1 container of seafood boil, 15 red potatoes, 3 onions &
3 garlic bulbs for 6 minutes/batch - let the lobsters cool - then cut them in half & cleaned out the juicy bits

Then we put the batches of crabs on the grill for ten minutes while basting

Basting Sauce Recipe:
1/2 C of Butter
Juice of 1 Lemon
4-5 Garlic Cloves
1 T of Seafood Seasoning

After all of this was cooked we sauteed some shrimp with the basting sauce recipe and a little lemon pepper and threw the crabs & corn into the boil

 The small pic of oysters rockefeller is at the top of the bowl

Pure Food Happiness!

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